What is the Forum?

The International Youth Forum is a meeting for young people aged 16-30, organised by the Emmanuel Community. It has been taking place for a number of years already!
During these couple of summer days everyone has the opportunity to experience the love of God personally, to answer their most important life questions and to meet other people to whom the faith is an important part of life.
The atmosphere during Forum is open, joyful and full of mutual trust. We invite young people from all around the world to participate! The programme takes place in Lisiniec Park – a place full of trees and greenery, with two small lakes close by.
The Community has also organised Forums that accompanied World Youth Days. Rome in Wadowice, Toronto in Wadowice, Sydney in Warsaw, Rio in Częstochowa – these Forums let young people who couldn’t travel that far take part in these extraordinary meetings with Pope through transmissions and special events. Our biggest forum – the one before WYD in Cracow – welcomed more than 4 000 participants!




14-19 July 2019

Who is it for?

If you’re between 16 and 30 years old, this Forum is for you! If you want to deepen your relationship with Jesus or meet Him for the first time, do some good with others and meet people from all around the world – come, we are waiting for you!
It doesn’t matter what you’re like; if you are more of a leader or prefer doing what others tell you, if you’re engaged in your church community or are currently seeking and asking questions about faith, if you love huge concerts or rather spend time in silence, you are WELCOME. God loves everyone the way they are – and here you are invited to experience just that.

The Programme

During the Forum there is plenty of time for having fun, for eating together, for long nightly conversations in the café, for great concerts… but also for rest.
The most important, central part is the Holy Eucharist and prayer – both common and individual. We will show you what praise is and why adoration is so important!
There will be time for formation – teachings on various aspects of faith and how to live them in your daily life, and workshops – where you can ask questions and discuss interesting topics. The afternoons are for talent corners, a special time for discovering your hidden talents in many different disciplines.
A special mission-like action among the needy of Częstochowa is also planned.
Swap the suffocating sofa for a pair of good walking shoes and get infected by joy that comes from God’s love!

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See true stories
  • “You are a beloved child of God”, a friend told me after Mercy Evening – just like that; no occasion, no ceremonies. But that was the first time I actually understood that it’s about me. I think He really wants every one of us to hear this sentence with our hearts. Maybe this year during Forum? 😉
  • The workshops about adoration and about relationships were fantastic! I really liked the praise with beautiful music too. Thanks to the Forum I discovered the sacramental adoration.
  • The Forum was the first time I’ve met so many young people who aren’t stiff and boring and who truly believe! I’ve had the opportunity to meet many great priests and even bishops, who talked with me just like that about difficult stuff and helped me. I understood that Church isn’t a place for old, rosary-praying grannies only, but it is a place for young people too! I converted during the Forum and my life gained sense, so it was absolutely worth coming!
  • The Forum was a very special time for me and helped me realise that prayer is indeed a conversation: I was talking to God, and he replied me in the words I’ve heard – from the Bible, but also from other people, in meetings and coincidences. I’ve met a lot of great people too. 


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